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Oil and Gas Inductions

Our Oil and Gas inductions are made for new entrants to the oil and gas industry workers and employees who are new to a particular installation.

Oil and gas inductions include a wide range of safety inductions, this means it can be time-consuming and lengthy, taking up one full day for you to get your employees, visitors and contractors up to speed on your company, allowing them to complete the work accurately and safely.

At The Site

Induction System

Our induction system allows you to save time and money by allowing your users to induct users remotely and also ensures you can see whether your employees or contractors key qualifications are valid.

View From A Height

Safety Training

The purpose of the safety induction training is to ensure that all personnel working in the oil and gas industry can demonstrate competence in addressing safety requirements of oil and gas installations, being able to control hazards, using personal safety equipment, carrying out their individual responsibilities.


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