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Retail staff induction, it's time to remove all that paperwork and recover your lost time.

Looking for a quick and easy way to do retail staff inductions into new shops and shopping centres? Are you fed up with the amount of paperwork manual retail inductions create?

We know that manual inductions within the retail industry can be lengthy, not only in terms of time but also financially. Employee inductions can lead to an abundance of acquired paperwork, which without appropriate systems can easily get lost.

Removing the paperwork and recovering the lost time and cost, whilst ensuring a more efficient process should be a priority on your to-do

Here at Calm, we have created one of the best digital solutions. Our fully contactless retail staff induction tool eliminates the need for group or face-to-face retail inductions. removing the paperwork and recover the lost time and cost, whilst ensuring a more efficient process.

Allowing store managers to check that employees have completed the most up-to-date retail inductions for their store, and view useful information such as medical history and next of kin.

Request a demo today, and take the next step into saving you time and money.

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