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The medical industry is constantly changing, making it extremely important that all laws and regulations are adhered to at all times. The medical sector needs to ensure that new employees and visitors fully understand the company's health & safety guidelines.

The Calm Inductions platform ensures that your users and visitors can complete their inductions swiftly and remotely. Pharmacists, receptionists, nurses and doctors, to name a few professions in the medical industry are able to arrive on the premises, ready to work immediately. This is key as manual inductions can slow down the overall process of getting staff onto the front line promptly.

rows of medical staff in a factory

Senior members of staff are able to track employee inductions and keep up to date with the status of key documentation needed for all working within the sector, this may be disclosure checks (CRB/DBS). If any checks are outstanding for an employee, the platform can notify you until this is resolved.

medical staff identifying medication

If you’re looking to limit face to face contact for inductions during COVID, speed up the overall process for new staff, as well as taking your system digital then contact Calm Inductions today.

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