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New staff inductions for the education industry are a vital part of schools, colleges and universities. Ensuring you know who is entering your premises, who is on your workforce and also that your staff, students and visitors understand your guidelines is imperative.

Calm Inductions digital platform is designed to reassure, inform and guide new staff and visitors about your health and safety rules as well as educate them on your premises. Our induction software can be used to induct new teachers, following the progress of teaching induction programmes, alerting you of any outstanding documentation or queries. As well as this the platform can offer a video tour of your premises to new starters and visitors, highlighting any safety guidelines and procedures.

We understand that vital checks need to be carried out when hiring new staff, this would include DBS checks, EEA checks, QTS checks and more. Our paperless induction platform will ensure that you are aware that all employees have had the required checks carried out and completed. Documentation can be uploaded and stored, allowing management teams to review the checks as and when required. This process can help save you vital time and space when you may be inducting multiple staff at one time.

If you are looking to safeguard your staff, students and visitors with a streamlined process, then contact Calm Inductions today.

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