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When inducting new employees or visitors to a construction site, it's critical to ensure that all of your visitors and workers have done a site-specific construction online induction.

Site Inductions

Your visitors and workers need to understand, acknowledge and be tested on the site-specific materials ranging from evacuation procedures to site-specific safety and risk policies and procedures.

That's why it's our number one priority to help you save time and money, with our online construction site induction process making it easy to induct operatives, visitors and contractors, taking the pain away from the repetitive, manual inductions.

Our online construction induction platform helps contractors create customised site inductions for new operatives to complete online before they attend your construction site for the first time.

site safety inductions

Want to find out how much your business can save using our online construction site induction process for your building site?

Our construction site induction process is the most popular platform within the construction industry for completing a construction site induction via mobile and tablets using our online induction. This enables fast, quick and real-time access to important safety materials, checklists and site materials 24/7.

Reduce Health & Safety Risk

By adding policies, procedures and training documents to the system, employees can cover everything they need to before commencing with on-site work. These documents can be optional or mandatory to minimalise the risk of accidents.
Health & Safety Managers can upload files at any time, keeping staff up-to- date with procedures. With the use of health and safety software like this, you can provide a clear message to your workforce on all correct procedures to follow and how to respond to specified instances and occurrences.



Constructions site inductions

Accessible Anywhere

Contractors can be on the move constantly, visiting different sites in different regions for jobs.
This means that tracking them down to ensure they understand what is needed to perform on-site tasks can be difficult, especially if the health and safety officer in charge of this is not permanently on-site themselves. Calm Inductions software is cloud-based, meaning you can access inductions online
using a laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone. Giving you peace of mind that inductions can be completed in controlled conditions or can be flexible based on your business requirements.


Control Quality

Provide a consistent safety message to all that are on-site. Monitoring at both site and group level.


Saving time & money

Project Managers can cut costs by having workers arrive at the site prepared and ready to go, with just a short on-site briefing required, as they've already covered most of the key points at home.

Secure Data:

Securely capture operatives information, such as medical or emergency information all on our GDPR compliant cloud storage.

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